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  • thesis dataset - want to show ability to add value via linking
  • Jenn: metadata unit has idea for a project (student newspaper full text, named entity extraction), has asked for help
  • Dan: small project, if can get student help: grey literature collection on mining reclamation - will be doing metadata from scratch - c.140 reports
  • Bilal: serendipitous browse environment built around Banting and Best, migrated from MySQL db
  • Paul:
    • coop student did metadata extraction proof-of-concept with focus on geo (working in OpenRefine)
    • head tax db - c.100k entries of Chinese immigrants - lots of data re place of birth etc. - would like to develop ontology for immigration - also interested in platform for developing and maintaining an ontology - would be cool to link the head tax data to the Real Face of White Australia transcription project - Bilal mentioned VitroLib for supporting ontologies - Dan suggested WikiBase instance
  • classic conversion of MARC dataset to linked data - pick up on Ian Bigelow's BIBFRAME work
  • problem of displaying this kind of data on the web (will be a component of Bilal's project)