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Goals and Priorities Updated January June 2018:


  • Ongoing:
    • Reach out to other groups - we are all on other groups. Let's chat in our meetings!
    • How do we make more space to experiment? 
  • For March 2018: we're nearly done a lot of things, let's just get them off our list:

      • Elevator Pitches **Done!**
      • FAQ page with translation live on site- final touches just working on reordering with Franco Group
      • Toolkit creation - phase one is restructuring current content on the CLDI site (restructuring is nearly done: training resources is done; rest is TBA)
  • For June 2018:
    • Finish First Module slides and test live We did it! Yay team!
    • MOVING TO NEXT Goals:
      • Modify content for online module and produce
        • Investigate possibility of interactive components to go along with modules (videos, quizzes)
      • Let's start the next module! 201: Welcome to the stack
        • Learning outcomes, content
        • outline

Goals Archive

Goals and Priorities Updated June 2017: