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titleUnder construction

This table is a work in progress for listing and describing training resources that have been deemed to be useful for collective reference. 

Feel free to add rows as needed - we can also opt to make separate entries for items from the lists of links (like if there are certain tutorials that we feel everyone should look at. 

TheoryLinked Open Data Cloud

This web page is the home of the LOD cloud diagram. This image shows datasets that have been published in the Linked Data format.
TheoryLinked Data 101: Buckle Up the Web of Data is Here

52 min
TheoryDonnées ouvertes liées

Short introduction to linked open data.29 slides

OCLC Webinar based on the book Library Linked Data in the Cloud (1 hour)1 hr

OCLC Linked data (15 minutes). Good elevator pitch for why linked data matters in libraries, and breaks down the major concepts.15 min
TheoryReport on Available Linked Data Training Resources

Program for Cooperative CatalogingPCC Standing Committee on Training Report on Available Linked Data Training Resources1 page

LD4PE/Exploring Linked Data portal 

Competency Index for Linked Data

LD4PEExplore Linked Data Learning Resources by Competency
"Its primary goal is to provide a means for mapping learning resource descriptions to the competencies those resources address to assist in finding, identifying, and selecting resources appropriate to specific learning needs."

TheoryLe web sémantique : une nouvelle interopérabilité pour les bibliothèques

Lecture given at Université de Fribourg (Switzerland) in February 2015. Introduction to linked data including the advantages for libraries and the impact for librarians.69 slides
TheoryWhat is Linked Data?

Manu SpornyFounder and CEO of Digital BazaarA short non-technical introduction to Linked Data, Google's Knowledge Graph, and Facebook's Open Graph Protocol.12 minutes
TheoryIntro to the Semantic WebManu SpornyFounder and CEO of Digital BazaarA short introduction to the Semantic Web6 minutes
TheoryLinking Things on the Web: A Pragmatic Examination of Linked Data for Libraries, Museums and Archives Summers, Dorothea SaloCornell University LibraryPublished in 2013. In this paper I will discuss some of the reasons why Linked Data is of interest to the cultural heritage community, what some of the pain points are for deploying it, and characterize some pragmatic ways for cultural heritage organizations to realize the goals of Linked Data with examples from the Web we have today.26 pages
TheoryThe next Web of open, linked data (2009) Berners-LeeTEDTalk

20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he's building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, video: unlock our data and reframe the way we use it together.

17 minutes
TheoryLinked Data for Libraries: Why Should We Care? Where Should We Start? (2012) Schreur & Jennifer BowenCoalition for Networked Information
57 minutes
Vocabulary & ontology

Re-using data, terms, taxonomies, vocabularies and ontologies.9 pages
Online CoursesLibrary Juice Academy certificate (6 courses) in XML and RDF-Based Systems ChavezNew England Journal of MedicineSeries of six courses that can be taken together for the certificate or separately. Group discounts available. A little more on the technical side.6-month series
Online CoursesLibrary Juice Academy
Robert ChavezNew England Journal of Medicine

Follow up course to LJA Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems.

Main prerequisite is the SPARQL I Course

1 month
Online Courses

Library Juice Academy
SPARQL III Course ChavezNew England Journal of Medicine

Follow up course to LJA Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems.

Main prerequisites are the SPARQL I and SPARQL II Courses

1 month
Online Courses

Library Juice Academy
Introduction to JSON and Structured Data Course ChavezNew England Journal of Medicine

Follow up course to LJA Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems.

1 month
Online CoursesLibrary Juice Academy
JSON-LD Fundamentals Course ChavezNew England Journal of Medicine

Follow up course to LJA Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems and JSON and Structured Data.

1 month
Online CoursesLinked Data for Beginners MillerUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee"A gentle but solid introductory-level conceptual foundation for those who have little or no prior knowledge of, or experience with, Linked Data, the Semantic Web, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, SKOS, BIBFRAME,, and/or RDFa."8 weeks
Online CoursesIntroduction to Metadata and Linked Data - ALA eCourse ZavalinaUniversity of North TexasPrimarily covers metadata, with an introduction to linked data toward the end of the course.6 weeks
ProjectsLearning Linked Data: Finding and Consuming RDFa CoombsOCLCHave you ever found yourself wishing that WorldCat Identities output Linked Data? Technically it does. Linked Data is part of the text/html serialization - WorldCat Identities returns HTML with RDFa embedded.4 pages
ProjectsEUCLID: Educational Curriculum for the usage of Linked Data
Euclid project ConsortiumOnline book and modules. Again perhaps more on the technical side.6 part module series
ProjectsDublin Core Metadata Initiatives training resources and webinars

A series of webinars/slide shows exploring projects. Case studies.
ProjectsEuropeana: Linked Open Data: What is it?

A video presenting the benefits of Linked data from a user's perspective
ProjectsSirsi Intro to Linked Data Webinar: part one

An ongoing series introducing linked data with some q/a at end.
ProjectsLinked Data for Professional Education

IMLS funded project to develop a competency index for linked data as well as a toolkit of resources for learning linked data, described according to the competency index
ProjectsW3C Glossary
W3CThis is the W3C glossary for Linked data. Provides succinct definitions, often with links to other resources.
ProjectsW3C RDF 1.1 Primer
W3CThis primer is designed to provide the reader with the basic knowledge required to effectively use RDF. It introduces the basic concepts of RDF and shows concrete examples of the use of RDF.

W3CLink to the Wiki, which includes presentations and demonstrations. Mostly older items (pre 2011)
ProjectsW3C Tutorials List

W3CListing of 20 Tutorials. Well worth a browse!
ProjectsALCTS CaMMS Competencies and Education for a Career in Cataloging Interest Group

Link to the ALCTS group studying cataloguing competencies (includes competencies relating to linked data).
ProjectsCompetencies and Education for a Career in Cataloging Interest Group ALA Midwinter Meeting | Friday, January 8, 2016

Overview presentation includes a good bibliography on competencies:

Includes links to draft documents on competencies, including "Current and Emergent technology" which relates to linked data.
Cataloger trainingTraining the Trainers for Linked Data

Seth van Hooland and Ruben Verborgh

Cataloger trainingStanford linked data workshop

This document includes the content of the workshops as well as the breakdown of the sessions over the course of the 4 day workshop.
Cataloger trainingLODLAM presentation: "An Introduction to Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives & Museums"

From September 2011.
Cataloger trainingLODLAM videos with slides

All of the videos Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums Training Day at the SemTechBiz conference, August 19, 2014
BIBFRAME & CataloguingBIBFRAME Update Forum at ALA

Program and presentation slides
BIBFRAME & CataloguingBibliographic Framework (BIBFRAME) in Action

Update on using BIBFRAME from Library of Congress, Jan. 12, 2016
BIBFRAME & Cataloguing

Bibframe libguide primer for cataloguers

Series of CILIP presentations on Linked data from sessions given in 2013, geared toward cataloguers, including a basic presentation on linked data, the limits of MARC, and Bibframe.
BIBFRAME & CataloguingCataloger 3.0: Competencies and Education for the BIBFRAME Catalog

Short presentation from the 2014 ALA Annual Conference.
BIBFRAME & CataloguingLinked Data and RDA: Looking at Next-Generation Cataloging

From the University of North Carolina Library Digital Discussions Series, August 9, 2012.
BIBFRAME & CataloguingBeyond MARC: BIBFRAME and the Future of Bibliographic Data

From Nebraska Library Commission NCompass Live,January 2, 2014.
BIBFRAME & CataloguingLibrary of Congress Modules for BIBFRAME

Module 1 is a backgrounder on Linked data and the semantic web. Materials for Module 1 are available for download, and deal specifically with basic LD basic concepts. They give some readings to complete before beginning the third module, and are mostly Europeana teaching materials. The site provides a link to pdf with video links. Also available are a few quizzes to test knowledge.
BIBFRAME & CataloguingBeyond MARC: MARC, linked data, and BIBFRAME

Presented in April 2013.
Vocabulary & ontology

Name Authorities

What works and what doesn't : name reconciliation work and  management of names in digitized special collections (2018) K. Han, Timothy W. Cole, Deren Kudecki, and Jacob Jett University of Illinois at Urban-Champain, Library Linked Data Interest GroupOn authorities reconciliation and creation. Methodologies on "How ...  <to> recognize and reconcile named entities already described in established linked open data sources, and how ... <to> best manage unique names often found in local special collections’ data, but not found elsewhere? A presentation at ALA Midwinter 2018. 20 minutes
TheoryIntroduction to the Semantic Web and Linked Data (2016)Andreu Sulé University Barcelona for Digital Libraries & Information SciencesA basic introduction, available in English and French from the Department of Library and Information Science and Audiovisual 
TheoryFoundations in Linked Data for serialists (June 2017) Billey and Robert RendallColumbia University  A workshop presented at NASIG 2017 that provides a basic, but thorough overview of linked data concepts and how linked data can be applied to serials. It is well illustrated with many helpful links to related resources.


Vocabulary & ontologyWhat is an ontology?
Description of an ontology and its benefits.5 minutes
Vocabulary & ontologyCrosswalks, Metadata Harvesting, Federated Searching, Metasearching: Using Metadata to Connect Users and Information S. Woodley
Article describing how metadata facilitates searching and discoverability25 pages
Vocabulary & ontologyMetadata Principles and Practicalities

Erik Duval, Wayne Hodgins, Stuart Sutton, & Stuart L. Weibel

Dublin Core Metadata InitiativeArticle describing coordination, management, and significance of unique authorities and relationships within ontologies.
BIBFRAME & CataloguingPlanning for Linked Data: Recruitment, Training, and Workflow Design for Resource Description and Metadata Management

Allison Jai O’Dell

"This chapter helps us to understand the staffing and workflow ramifications of Linked Data."16 pages

The Metadata is the Interface:
Better Description for Better Discovery of Archives and Special Collections, Synthesized from User Studies Schaffner OCLCArticle on the purpose and use of descriptive metadata for online discoverability of archives and special collections.18 pages
SPARQL & SearchingUnderstanding Semantic Search – Introduction for Beginners GrabowskiSmashingcopy.comToday, instead of just matching query to keywords, Google looks at other factors, such as search intent and context to deliver more relevant results.7 pages
SPARQL & SearchingSPARQL in 11 minutes

11 minutes
SPARQL & SearchingWikidata SPARQL Query Tutorial (2016) EvansHistropediaHow to construct Wikidata Sparql Queries simply & easily focussing on the example of notable females educated at the University of Edinburgh filtered by place of birth and showcasing how this data can be visualised with images, timelines, in map form and in the new Wikidata Sparql Query Timeline Viewer.17 minutes
SPARQL & SearchingUsing DBPedia (2014) School of EngineeringA brief video on DBPedia and SPARQL. Demonstrates how to query DBPedia for useful/interesting questions. The SPARQL query demonstrated in the video and various useful links mentioned in the video are included in the description on YouTube9 minutes
BIBFRAME & CataloguingThe Three Linked Data Choices for Libraries (May 22, 2018) WallisData LiberateA discussion of BIBFRAME,, and "Linky Marc" as the three linked data choices for libraries4 pages
BIBFRAME & CataloguingJourney to Linked Open Data Support - An Update (January 2018) WeismanEx Libris Developer NetworkOverview of progress by ExLibris on integrating Linked Data into Alma and Primo using JSON-LD, RDA/RDF, and BIBFRAME.2 pages
BIBFRAME & CataloguingLinked Data Alma Integrations (January 2018)

Ex Libris Developer Network
8 pages
BIBFRAME & CataloguingLinked Data, BIBFRAME and Alma (2018) KortrickEx Libris Knowledge Center
32 Slides