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  1. New Member introductions

  2. CLDI Strategic Planning - How will we respond to the Strategic Intentions?
    1. As a Working Group
    2. As an Institution
    3. As an Individual

      Link to session notes: Session Notes : What worked / Lessons Learned / What will we do next?
      CLDI Strategic Intentions and Action Items: Strategic Intentions and Action Items 2017-2019

  3. Conference Updates
    1. SWIB conference Dec. 4-6 - Takeaways
    2. Any upcoming conferences to be aware of?

  4. Other Updates by Institution


UTL response to Strategic Intentions document.  Some things that we aim to do:

Creating a linked data learning culture at our institutions and in Canada

    • To promote more learning opportunities on the 6th floor, the Metadata Technologies Unit will host a linked data workshop for interested staff.
    • Establish UTL Linked Data Working Group - The group will aim to be more action-oriented and focused on bouncing ideas off of each other, solving problems, sharing expertise and supporting each other in the goal of creating linked data.  Meetings held monthly starting in January 2018.

Sustaining an environment of experimentation with linked data 

    • Continue with Linked Data Browse Project (Marlene, Bilal and Jenn)
    • Continue with Insulin Project linked data (we are at the point where visualization tools are needed, set procedures for minting URIs, and publication of data) (Marlene, Bilal and Jenn)
    • Scigraph investigation with the intention of a presentation in 2018 (Marlene and Jenn)
    • Collaborate with UAlberta on Thesis project – Sharon mentioned a need for mapping Dublin Core to the data model and arrange for the TSpace Dublin Core metadata to be included in the CanLink project. (Antonio)

Communicating effectively within CLDI and to the community

    • As noted above, work collaboratively with the Digital Projects group to expand the CanLink project with UTL metadata
    • Share any educational materials we produce with the Education and training group
    • Work on better documentation of the projects that we are working on
    • Continue monitoring work of LD4P 

UVic response to Strategic Intentions document:

Creating a linked data learning culture at our institutions and in Canada

    • Linked Data peer training for interested librarians and staff at UVic Libraries (tentatively scheduled for April 2018)
    • Wikidata edit-a-thon tentatively scheduled at UVic for Spring/Summer 2018
    • Part of the linked data learning culture at UVic is being aware of Digital Humanities projects on campus spearheaded by HCMC and ETCL (and others). A large part of this is listening to how they're using linked data in their projects and thinking about how that linked data production intersects with that of the library and archive.

Sustaining an environment of experimentation with linked data 

    • Triple Store established at UVic (2017) for experimentation (Digital Humanities stakeholders and UVic Libraries)
    • UVic will be migrating to Samvera in 2018. This includes (among other things) the chance to re-think our metadata and its association with linked data. URIs will be used for properties and values whenever possible. Our migration strategy from CONTENTdm has also created some automated tools to pull in URIs along with values as the metadata is remediated and moved over to Samvera.
    • In 2017 we undertook a database cleanup project (Voyager ILS) with Marcive wherein the headings in our bibliographic records were standardized according to authorized forms (LC vocabularies mostly). This also allowed for the creation of $0 URIs for our headings (1xx,6xx,7xx) : these are updated monthly via regular processing. Although the $0 URIs sit latent in the MARC record presently, they will hopefully allow for data that's more "things" than "strings" when it comes to linked data conversion of our MARC records.
    • Continue to explore the potential increased use of Wikidata in our overall workflow (particularly for our archives and special collections)

Communicating effectively within CLDI and to the community

    • Report back to this group with updates on projects, outlook, and activities related to linked data at UVic
    • Frequent reports at UVIc Library Council on metadata's activity in relation to linked data - part of general linked data advocacy work here on campus
    • Publish and present on linked data related projects (exactly what and where TBD)
    • Part of where I think we have to be better is creating interesting visualizations/interfaces that take advantage of our creation of linked data. I think the more we can demonstrate the power of linked data queries and exploration through these user facing interfaces, the more these will do the communicating on our behalf. 

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